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Add any notes you have here, such as reminders to go back to any questions. Notes are not saved but can be accessed any time throughout the test. Read each passage and answer the corresponding questions.

IQ and Aptitude Test Questions, Answers and Explanations

Choose your answer based on the evidence given in the passage; no outside knowledge is required. The final two questions in each passage will be analogy questions.

Use your knowledge of the passage and the relationships demonstrated within it to arrive at your answer and complete each analogy. I spare my readers the account of my delight on coming home, my happiness while there, and my sorrow on being obliged to bid them, once more, a long adieu.

I returned, however, with unabated vigor to my work—a more arduous task than anyone can imagine, who has not felt something like the misery of being charged with the care and direction of a set of mischievous, turbulent rebels, whom his utmost exertions cannot bind to their duty, while, at the same time, he is responsible for their conduct to a higher power, who exacts from him what cannot be achieved without the aid of the superior's more potent authority, which, either from indolence, or the fear of becoming unpopular with the said rebellious gang, the latter refuses to give.

I can conceive few situations more harassing than that wherein, however you may long for success, however you may labor to fulfill your duty, your efforts are baffled and set at naught by those beneath you, and unjustly censured and misjudged by those above.

I have not enumerated half the vexatious propensities of my pupils, or half the troubles resulting from my heavy responsibilities, for fear of trespassing too much upon the reader's patience. But I particularly remember one wild, snowy afternoon, soon after my return in January: the children had all come up from dinner, loudly declaring that they meant "to be naughty," and they had well kept their resolution, though I had talked myself hoarse, and wearied every muscle in my throat, in the vain attempt to reason them out of it.

I had got Tom pinned up in a corner, whence, I told him, he should not escape till he had done his appointed task. Meantime, Fanny had possessed herself of my work-bag, and was rifling its contents—and spitting into it besides. I told her to let it alone, but to no purpose, of course. I sprang to snatch it from the fire, and Tom darted to the door. I flew to rescue it. Meanwhile Tom had left the room, and was rushing down the stairs, followed by Fanny.

Having secured my desk, I ran to catch them, and Mary Ann came scampering after. All three escaped me, and ran out of the house into the garden, where they plunged about in the snow, shouting and screaming in exultant glee. What must I do? If I followed them, I should probably be unable to capture one, and only drive them farther away. If I did not, how was I to get them in? While I stood in this perplexity, I heard a voice behind me, in harshly piercing tones, exclaiming—.

Bloomfield, with his hair on end, and his pale blue eyes bolting from their sockets. Octopuses possess a rich behavioral repertoire and the largest nervous systems among invertebrates. Alongside squids and cuttlefish, octopuses are believed to have evolutionarily separated from humans more than million years ago.You are now leaving FindUniversity.

Sign up for an Edukasyon. Discover scholarships and other offerings that suit your needs. What's more: Edukasyon. Silang, Cavite, Calabarzon. Powered by Edukasyon. The Law covers only first time students students who don't already have a college degree. However, the full implementation of this law is not clear yet. Bachelor's courses 7 Certificate courses 3. Based on the results of the past 4 exams of each board exam. Entrance Scholarship Entrance Scholarship is open to all valedictorians and salutatorians of secondary education with at least 30 high school graduates.

Applicants are exempted from taking the entrance test BOR No.

If in case the scholar failed to maintain a GPA of 1. If in case the scholar obtained a GPA of 1. Also, if the scholar under this scholarship program failed to obtain a GPA of 1. If in case the scholar under this scholarship program failed to obtain a GPA of 1. The guidelines to implement Rule XI Sec. Applicant submits the accomplished contract E. New and old scholars submit the certification of scholarship to the Cashier's office and Registrar's office for the reassessment of their fees.Established inCavite State University is a non-profit public higher education institution located in the medium-sized town of Indang population range of 10, inhabitantsCalabarzon.

Cavite State University CvSU offers courses and programs leading to officially recognized higher education degrees in several areas of study. See the uniRank degree levels and areas of study matrix below for further details.

Important : admission policy and acceptance rate may vary by areas of study, degree level, student nationality or residence and other criteria.

Please contact the Cavite State University 's Admission Office for detailed information on a specific admission selection policy and acceptance rate; the above University admission information is indicative only and may not be complete or up-to-date. Important : please contact or visit the official website of Cavite State University for detailed information on facilities and services provided, including the type of scholarships and other financial aids offered to local or international students; the information above is indicative only and may not be complete or up-to-date.

2018CvSUMainSHSPlacement Exam

Important : the above section is intended to include only those reputable organizations e. Please report errors and additions taking into consideration the above criteria. Not available; please submit a list of official affiliations and memberships to relevant associations and organizations. Not available; please submit a list of official first level academic divisions such as faculties, departments etc. Cavite State University's Facebook page for social networking.

Cavite State University's LinkedIn profile for business and academic networking. Cavite State University's Wikipedia article. Not available; please submit an official general video presentation of this higher education institution. Disclaimer : This University profile has not been officially reviewed and updated by Cavite State University 's representatives yet; we cannot guarantee the accuracy of all the above University information.

Please visit the official website of Cavite State University to make sure the University information provided is up-to-date. About Contact Search Advertise. By visiting uniRank, you accept our terms, privacy and cookie policy. University Overview. University Identity. Study Areas and Degree Levels.

It includes undergraduate certificates, diplomas, foundation or associate degrees that usually take less than 2 years to complete. It includes undergraduate bachelor degrees that usually take between 3 to 5 years to complete. It includes postgraduate master degrees that usually take between 1 to 3 years to complete.

It includes postgraduate doctorate degrees that usually take over 4 years to complete. University Admissions. Memberships and Affiliations. Social Media. Wikipedia Cavite State University's Wikipedia article. Find out rankings and reviews of all Universities in the Philippines Search for courses and scholarships with the uniRank World Universities Search Engine Explore a list of all recognized Universities in Asia by country. Cavite State University.

Bancod Indang population range: 10, Calabarzon Philippines. PreBach degrees. Bachelor degrees. Master degrees. Doctoral degrees.The Premier University in historic Cavite recognized for excellence in the development of globally and morally upright individuals.

Cavite State University shall provide excellent, equitable, and relevant educational opportunities in the arts, sciences and technology through quality instruction and responsive research and development activities.

It shall produce professional, skilled and morally upright individuals for global competitiveness. On January 22,by virtue of Republic Act No. Since then, additional campuses in the province were established through memoranda of agreement with the LGUs. At present, CvSU has 11 campuses in the province.

The main campus, approximately 70 hectares in land area and named as Don Severino delas Alas Campus, is in Indang, Cavite. The University is offering close to curricular programs in the undergraduate and graduate levels.

It has more than 25, students and 1, faculty and staff from all campuses. The two-storey University Library started its operation in Junewith a collection of 2, volumes consisting of 1, titles turned over from the old high school library. After the books were catalogued, the library finally opened its door to the users in November Since its opening, its collection has increased tovolumes 92, titles.

It has acquired a total of 5, series titles journals, newsletters, annual reports, newspapers, bulletins, popular magazines, etc. The present University library has been named Ladislao N. Diwa and his heirs to the library. The International Students of United Nations hoped to unite with the university as they model all foreign students in the university as to lift up higher the vision of the university in developing globally competitive and morally upright individuals.

International Students of United Nations shall comply with all academic rules and regulations of the university as to achieve the vision and mission set forth by university. It shall uphold and utilize all relevant and educational opportunities in colleges of the university as to promote and protect the high reputation built by the university since till date.

It shall produce law abiding and peaceful candidates who will serve as crusaders to attract other foreigners into the university. Sequel to, and in support of the vision, mission and by-laws, our aims and objectives is to have a unified body of foreign students who will support and encourage each other as to maintain the focus that led us into Philippines and much more into Cavite State University.

And also to take our studies more serious in order to graduate with honors were possible as to make our parents, sponsors, supporters, our countries, instructors, professors and the university proud. The dream of setting up an organization on behalf foreign students in Cavite State University was hatched on a good day that Mahel ThankGod A.

However, at the end of meeting with the dean, records showed that there was none and on that juncture, the dean promised that an organization will put in place and also appoint someone to man it. The said organization was formerly inaugurated on 15th August, and Mahel ThankGod Amukele a second year student of College of Arts and Sciences taking up Bachelor of Arts in English was recommended to be the President of the organization and the recommendation was ratified on 28th August, general meeting and election of officers of ISUN.

The organization had its first general meeting on August 28, and the following officer were elected and dedicated into office. Your email address will not be published.Initially established as an intermediate school by the Thomasites, a group of American teachers brought by the United States during the early part of the American colonial period, the school has grown into a college known as the Don Severino Agricultural College DSAC until it finally became a university on January 22, when it was renamed as Cavite State University.

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Cavite State University - Trece Martires Campus

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Privacy Policy Terms of Use Disclaimer.Its hectare acre main campus, known as the Don Severino de las Alas Campus, is located in the Municipality of Indang, Cavite about 60 km 37 mi southwest of Manila. The educational institution has ten other campuses spread all over the province. Cavite State University.

We salute you! See More See Less. Source: Cavite State University. Comment on Facebook. And today's news of recoveries is another record-breaking story!

Yesterday was the first time that the number of COVID recoveries surpassed the number of deaths in the Philippines. Although this is good news to the entire country, everyone should not be complacent in doing their share to fight this virus.

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We still have a long way to go to win the battle against this worldwide pandemic. Easy-to-Prepare na, good for your health pa!

Central Student Government - Carmona Campus. It's a home sweet home for another seven students who were given free transportation service to Dasma, Imus and Bacoor. You must be logged in to post a review. Zip code or address. School Overview.

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School Name : Cavite State University. School Type : Private. How to contact the School? Education news: Cavite State University. Get by: Mail RSS.

cvsu entrance exam reviewer

Likes: 47 Shares: 0 Comments: 1. Comment on Facebook Heroes. Published on am And today's news of recoveries is another record-breaking story Cavite State University April 16th. Likes: 27 Shares: 0 Comments: 1. Cavite State University April 15th.

Likes: 10 Shares: 1 Comments: 0. We will Rise Again.By continuing to use this site you consent to the use of cookies on your device as described in our Cookie Policy unless you have disabled them. You can change this in your browser's "Cookie Settings" at any time, but parts of our site will not function correctly without them. With the additional two years of education for Senior High School, a lot of people are wondering on what benefits can students get from Senior High School.

How can it help students prepare better for college? How can it help students get jobs? How can it help students select the careers they will embark on?

Entering a university and mastering a discipline are like starting a new chapter in the book of life. It is exciting to know what will lie ahead as you flip each page but at the same time, deciding which college and program to commit to comes with too much pressure. Are you looking for unbelievable sights? Indescribable feelings?

New horizons to pursue? Ready to test yourself in a whole new world? Can't go to college due to lack of money, time, and other constraints? Earn your college degree from home through these online courses in the Philippines. These huge figures seem daunting and the pressure of finding the right school starts to set in. What skills are needed for tomorrow?

cvsu entrance exam reviewer

How can we prepare for the uncertainty and insecurity of the dynamic workplace of today? What degrees should we choose that will be relevant? We hope you find our page helpful. Further, the school also offers a non-degree course in Computer Technology.

Choosing the right program can help you set your future goals and visualize where you want to be. Whether you want to be an engineer, a teacher, an accountant, or you want to level up in your profession, making yourself informed with the right choices will surely back you up in the future.

Make the best decision in choosing the right path for you, click through the list of programs offered by Cavite State University - Carmona Campus below:.

College Undergraduate Programs. Colleges Public colleges Private colleges See all colleges. Courses by the Numbers! Courses Business courses abroad Engineering courses abroad Nursing courses abroad See all courses abroad. Schools Offering Online Courses in the Philippines Can't go to college due to lack of money, time, and other constraints? Welcome to Edukasyon! Not Stated. Claim your School. Was this page helpful?

Testimonials Announcements. No Announcements. Cavite State University - Carmona Campus. Contact School.